Blackjack Live Stream

Watch live at 7:00 pm on August 16, 2022. Register for free now and we will send you the link in advance of the screening.

Filmed in front of a live theatre audience in fall 2021, Griot Theatre brings Blackjack back to Noise Now as a feature film! Be the first to see this project’s transformation from stage to screen. Join the director and members of the cast for a talk-back after the virtual screening.

Set in the Black Jack neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, during the early nineties, the film follows Heru as he arrives at the family home of his sometime-girlfriend, Khet. Based on the Isis/Osiris story from Egyptian mythology, Blackjack invokes humor and tragedy to explore the nature of identity and family – both the family into which we are born and the family we choose.  

Please note: This livestream was originally scheduled for July 12, but has been rescheduled to August 16.