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In troubled times, the human spirit seeks out community in order to heal; it is through compassion and connection that we rise together and overcome tremendous obstacles. As we look around right now, we see and feel the impact that COVID-19 has had on our theatre, in our community, and throughout the world. Although we must be isolated, we are not alone; we need each other now more than ever. When our ANW family began reaching out to us in support, it warmed our hearts and made us realize that we can weather this storm, but certainly not without you.  

This pandemic has caused chaos and disruption around the globe, and we recognize that this may be a difficult time for you as well. We are reaching out to ask for your support because there is a very real and urgent need: A Noise Within has closed our offices and canceled our Spring season, and we are evaluating every aspect of our operations to find the best way to move forward. The challenges are great – but our spirits are high, and we know that collectively, we can (and will) rise to the occasion. As we embark on this new chapter, we need your support.

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