The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic were characterized by uncertainty. Each day brought with it some new obstacle that required our full attention, only to be outdone by whatever obstacle came next. Though much is still unknown, one thing has become abundantly clear: you are our guiding star, and our inspiration for what comes next!

As you know from experience, art opens our hearts and minds. It shifts our energy and perspective. And it brings us together through our collective stories and lessons needed to helps us grow and appreciate life. As we have seen some of you return as supporters, become new donors, or even go above and beyond, we know it is because you have felt a connection to our art and community. We aren’t going anywhere and we intend to do everything we can to preserve that feeling until we can gather again, but we cannot do it without our community. Will you support A Noise Within’s future with a gift today? Your past support has brought us this far, and you can help us take our next steps. Ensure our future by donating today! 

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